NEBOSH Award in Health & Safety at Work


Turn your career towards a new direction with the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work (HSW) qualification. It is an introductory safety qualification provides broad awareness of occupational health and safety issues and equips individuals in identifying and dealing with workplace hazards and risks. We are accredited by NEBOSH to offer Health and Safety at Work (HSW) Award.

Course Assessment

Students are assessed by a multiple choice examination and a practical risk assessment. Each assessment tests your understanding of the course and the risk assessment tests your ability to put this into practice.

Course Duration


Classes are online due to covid-19

Nebosh HSW

The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification provides a perfect introduction to health and safety in the workplace.

The qualification covers the principles of health and safety rather than specific law. Its focus is on common workplace hazards and how to identify and control them. The qualification includes a practical requirement to carry out a risk assessment.

No prior knowledge is required and the content is relevant wherever you work around the world. This means it is accessible to all.

There is also the option to tailor content covering specific hazards and risks faced by a company or sector.

Our qualifications are developed based on extensive research with health and safety professionals, employers, professional bodies and regulators to ensure that they remain relevant, rigorous as well as achievable and practical.

You will be assessed on your ability to apply your skills and knowledge to a wide range of issues and how to deliver positive change to a real workplace.



NEBOSH HSW offers basic understanding to the students and working professionals on the need to maintain workplaces healthy and hazard and risk-free for the welfare of co-workers.The safety and health course gives the delegates a solid foundation on various facets of workplace safety including potential dangers, risks assessment, hazards and international safety standards, and also teaches them the need to keep workplaces safe and secure.

NEBOSH IGC is better since it covers core part of Health and Safety Management Systems based on ILO. Also, it gives broader knowledge in Controlling Workplace Hazards. Whereas, HSW covers only surface part of Hazards Identification and doesnt give clear picture in depth like NEBOSH IGC. So, IGC is better choice.

NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work is suitable for managers/team leaders, supervisors, HR professionals, facilities managers and individuals who are in training environment.

Even though it is a basic foundation course about occupational health and safety, you can get a job as sometimes there is lot of requirement during shutdown period in oil and gas plants.

People from around the world take the NEBOSH IGC Training Course as it gives them the skills and knowledge required to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities in any country and in any type of organization. However, the NEBOSH International General Certificate is best suitable for Managers, Supervisors, Worker Representatives, Safety Inspectors, CEOs, Directors, OHSAS Managers and others who require an understanding of health and safety principles and practices.

What does the course cover?

The qualification is divided into two units; Unit HSW1 and Unit HSW2. Unit HSW1 is further divided into ten elements.

  • Element 1: The foundations of health and safety
  • Element 2: The responsibility for health and safety
  • Element 3: Health and safety risk assessment and control
  • Element 4: Work equipment
  • Element 5: Transport safety
  • Element 6: Working with electricity
  • Element 7: Fire safety
  • Element 8: Manual handling and repetitive activities
  • Element 9: Hazardous substances
  • Element 10: The working environment

This unit contains no additional syllabus content. However, completion of study for unit HSW1 is recommended in order to undertake the risk assessment activity unit (Unit HSW2).


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